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This service of Recap'd delivers captions to a webpage or mobile device for events in real-time as they are sent by the captioner. It can be used for any live web conference, meeting or call. Users only need a browser on their computer or mobile device to view the captions. Incoming captions can be delivered to a webpage dedicated to an event or used in a widget that can be embedded on any webpage. The captions are archived immediately after the event, and can be output in several different formats.

Recap'd makes it easy and intuitive for you to schedule and manage captions for your events, add and manage users, duplicate events and much more. The 'Upcoming Events' page enables you to see all your scheduled events.

Upcoming Events table

Creating an event is quick and easy.

Create a New Event modal

Event Page: You can obtain all the relevant information about your event from this page. Events can be started and stopped at the click of a button. The page also displays the URL link for the event, as well as the Embed Code to embed the caption widget in a web page.

Event Page

The Live Event page is a unique URL for event captioning. This URL is assigned by Recap'd and can be provided to users to access captions for an event. Users have a lot of flexibility and control while viewing the captions.

Live Captions page
  • Resizing the Captioning Window: Users can resize and position the browser window anywhere on your computer screen to keep working while Recap'd displays captions. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with an online meeting program.
  • Viewing options: Users can control the font style, size, and color, as well as the background color to suit their preferences.
  • Scrolling: By default, captions scroll up the page to accommodate new captions coming in below. Users also have the option to freely scroll through the history of captions during an event.

The Recap'd widget is an application that can be embedded in a web page to stream live captioning for an event. The widget code is generated from the admin interface, and can be pasted into the html of a web page. Administrators can fully customize the widget styles (CSS) to seamlessly integrate it with a particular website or brand.

Embeddable Widget
  • Users can expand or collapse the widget to display or hide the captions.
  • Clicking 'Pop out Widget' will open the 'Live Event' page in a new tab in your browser.
  • The text size can be adjusted within the widget by toggling between the three A's.

Your captions can be easily accessed on any mobile device using the Live Captions URL. Reach users on iPad, iPhones, Android and Blackberry devices, no matter where they are. The mobile interface is optimized for clear, clean caption delivery.

The Live Event page is accessible in a mobile style on devices such as iPhones, iPads, Droid and other devices.

Users can adjust the text size with the + or − buttons. They can adjust the text color and background color by popping up the menu, and selecting a color or entering a hex code for a customized color. Live scrolling can be toggled on to keep the screen on the most recent captions or off to scroll through the history of captions.


All the captioned events in Recap'd are archived upon completion. The admin can easily access the archives either through browsing or search.

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